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Achieving net zero 

Advancing decarbonization solutions for global energy providers

reducing emissions: how Bureau Veritas can help

Major oil and gas companies worldwide have come to understand the key role they have to play in the energy transition, with many pledging to achieve net zero by 2050.

As part of a global Bureau Veritas solution to help clients accelerate their transition to net zero, our services to identify and monitor hotspots emissions are key.

Before they can take action, oil and gas companies should conduct a thorough assessment of their carbon footprint. This enables them to measure the reliability of their emissions data from the broadest to the most granular level. It can pinpoint exactly which of a company’s assets or value chain components is generating the most emissions and offer explanations for their output in terms of reliability. Giving priority to damaged or leaking assets, for example, can minimize emissions.

Once energy companies have implemented actions to reliably quantify emissions and focus on hotspots to reduce GHG emissions, it is important to monitor both specific assets and overall operations.
Regular assessments and ongoing monitoring of assets enable oil and gas companies to check that the right emissions hotspots were identified during their initial evaluation. Verifying the reliability of original measurements and calculations also helps measure the progress of KPIs once emissions reduction strategies have been put in place.

White Paper achieving net zero

A 5-step solution to reducing emissions

Download our white paper and discover how Bureau Veritas five step Achieving Net Zero solution enables us to partner with oil and gas company.