Mar. 11 2021

Our business activities are often subject to a regulatory environment.

Regulatory environment for VOC

We can assist you in testing for fugitive VOC emissions (using LDAR or SMART LDAR) in accordance with EU standard EN 15446:2008 - “Fugitive and diffuse emissions of common concern to industry sectors” or with US standards EPA 21, EPA-453/R-95 and AWP.

We represent the profession at the CEN/TC 264 which works under European Directive 2010/75/EU (the Industrial Emissions Directive) to define a “European standard method to determine fugitive and diffuse emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from certain industrial sources to the atmosphere.”

In Europe, our programmes are governed by the IED and its BREFs (reference documents on best available techniques).
Our LDAR programmes are considered as Best Available Techniques (BAT) but each Member State transposes European Directives into national law by its own method.

In France, our services are governed by the circular of 29 March 2004 or Prefectoral Orders.
In Belgium, our methodology is implemented as part of an ISO 17025 framework through VLAREM II approval issued to us by LNE (Leefmilieu Natuur en Energie).
In Italy, national regulations applicable to our activities are implemented by ISPRA.

In Germany, by the Länder regional authorities and the TA Luft.
In EU countries, we use our own GEF VOC software, which is certified as compliant with European standard EN 15446:2008.

Outside the European Union, we use modules specific to each country, e.g in Saudi Arabia, we apply the recommendations of RCER 2015 (Royal Commission Environmental Regulations).

Concerning leak testing for other (non-COV) fluids:
- for refrigerants, we are compliant with EC regulation no. 1516/2017 and the Order of 19 April 2017; in this respect we hold the Certificate of Category IV Capacity (Leak testing on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems),
- Our leak testing programmes on utility networks (compressed air, nitrogen, etc.) and our trap diagnostics on steam networks can be done prior to or following an energy audit and be included in the efforts to reduce energy losses as required by ISO 50001.

Whatever your situation, we can fulfil most requirements in terms of regulatory services.


For other services, such as:

  • diffuse emission from landfills, biogas emission mapping is done in accordance with the Order of 15/02/2016.
  • in terms of marking pipelines carrying hazardous substances, our services fulfil the requirements of the Order of 4 November 1993 and EC regulation no. 1272/2008. Our pipe markers respect the specifications of standards NF X 08-100 and NF X 08-105.