Serving the whole biogas sector

Managed your biogas activities by monitoring your networks


Bureau Veritas proposes services to businesses producing and/or handling biogas. Our main services concerning Biogas emissions:

  • Emissions mapping (Landfills)
  • Leak testing pipeline networks (in operation and for acceptance)
  • Leak testing biogas plants (in operation and for acceptance)
  • NGV station inspections (in operation and for acceptance)
  • Other associated services (photogrammetry, modelling, work site monitoring, etc.).

Bureau Veritas is involved in standardisation (AFNOR Commission X43B) and has been able to develop and extend its scope of expertise in association with customers and partners.


In accordance with the Order of 15 February 2016 on Landfills, applicable from 1st July 2016, the sites must be mapped for biogas emissions.
For several years now, Bureau Veritas has used a robust, reliable and optimised methodology to ensure the exhaustive mapping of biogas emissions produced by Landfills, while generating added value.
This innovative methodology optimally combines on-foot inspections with drone aerial inspections.

Our detection tools include a semi-automated mapping solution which uses Google Maps™ satellite views.
We propose a range of deliverables to accompany a fully-documented report, which can be used to prepare repair work and prioritise leaks in order of their environmental and safety-related impacts.
This service also contributes to reducing olfactory nuisances caused by H2S (highly toxic gas) and other malodorous compounds present in biogas emissions.


Whether to certify the leak tightness of pipelines at the time of commissioning or regularly during production, we detect any failures that are sources of biogas losses and/or olfactory and environmental pollution.

Using a combination of detection technologies such as ultrasound, mobile FID analysers, dedicated IR cameras, etc. and a core methodology that has been continuously tried, tested and optimised since 1990, we deliver a high-quality service that will bring you such benefits as:

  • Compliance with Order of 10 Nov. 2009 (commissioning)
  • Compliance with Order of 10 Nov. 2009 (post-works)
  • Energy optimisation (limitation of gas product losses)
  • Improved biogas quality (lower air content due to leak on negative pressure pipeline)
  • Fewer odour-related issues
  • Lower H2S risk (present in biogas)
  • Lower environmental impact


A drone equipped with specific high-tech sensors (gas analysers, IR cameras, HD camera, etc.) may acquire data or images. 

This information will enable our experts to inspect areas that are difficult to access.

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