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Other industries

Bureau Veritas delivers an array of services aimed at significantly lowering the health-related and environmental impacts, improving safety, and raising the energy efficiency of industrial facilities.

These services are aimed at the following sectors:


Each type of business in the food chain needs to manage its risks to remain competitive and protect its brand image. Testing for and reducing leaks on utility networks can considerably reduce fluid losses (compressed air, steam, natural gas, nitrogen, etc.), which has a considerably beneficial impact on your energy expenditure.


• Aviation and aerospace : safety and reliability are key factors in making your business a success in this sector.
The nature of the market means you must rise to the challenge of globalisation by boosting your competitiveness on a daily basis. To this end, we can assist in reducing your energy spending, most usually through our expertise in leak detection on utility networks.

• Automotive: for industrial production chains, Bureau Veritas delivers expertise in compressed air leak detection on all automatic production systems, during commissioning support or maintenance support, to reduce energy losses.


If your business is in manufacturing products (chemicals, pulp and paper, cement, etc.) or in mining, you must ensure rigorous and constant control of your health, safety and environmental protection issues.

Bureau Veritas delivers end-to-end support in your industrial process, enabling you to:

  • meet certain regulatory requirements impacting your activity
  • control the environmental impact of activity by measuring airborne emissions,
  • optimise your energy performance by detecting and reducing leaks on utility networks.

Professional systems (mechanical, electrical, electronic, etc.)

As a manufacturer of industrial equipment whatever your market (aviation, automotive, agri-food, chemicals and petrochemical, plastics, energy, rail, nuclear, manufacturing or specialist production, etc.), ensuring the reliability, availability and performance of your production assets is one of the major issues you face.
In this respect, we can detect compressed air leaks on automated production systems during commissioning support or maintenance support, to reduce your energy losses.


Periodical inspections of your premises (electrical inspections, fire safety system checks, elevators, etc.) are carried out by Bureau Veritas.
In terms of refrigerant leak tests on refrigeration facility systems, Bureau Veritas operates under several European regulations concerning the reduction of use of refrigerants: the EC Regulation 1516/2017 or the Decision of 19 April 2017 relating to certain refrigerants and fluorinated greenhouse gases.