leak with BV seal

Detecting accidental leaks

Detecting gas leaks to prevent risks to people and site assets.

Leak testing to prevent industrial risks

In industrial plants, process or utility network equipment such as valves, unions, drains, pumps, and compressors inevitably suffer from ageing. Seals deteriorate over time and cause leaks. Incorrect assembly or tightening of seals can also cause an unexpected leak. These leaks may be very costly and indeed hazardous. 

Bureau Veritas uses a variety of methods to detect accidental leaks. 

Adapting work to industrial sites

We work on a one-off or regular basis and use the most suitable detection method and equipment for each situation. A few examples of previous projects: 

  • Restart of a production unit: the operation of a distillation column was abnormally unstable. We scanned the whole column with specific infra-red cameras and detected an invisible but significant leak on a flange at the top of the column. 
  • To explain technical balance differences on a natural gas network: using ultrasound methods, we detected internal leaks on vents supposedly sealed with safety valves which were leaking abnormally. 
  • We detected leaks which generated abnormal losses of refrigerant gas on a closed-circuit network, using specific analysers to detect refrigerants. 
  • We carry out fast “all fluids” test programmes (VOC, compressed air, nitrogen, steam, etc.) prior to a scheduled shutdown, to enable maintenance crews to repair leaking equipment when installations are shut down. 
  • We carry out anomaly detection on landfills to detect any perforations of geotextile or other faults