Drone active in detecting emissions

Mar. 11 2021

Our partnership with a drone operator enables a range of complementary services.

The drone is equipped with specific high-tech sensors (gas analysers, IR cameras, HD camera, etc.) to acquire data or images. This information will enable our experts to inspect areas that are difficult to access.

These engineering services include:

  • Photogrammetry
  • Modelling
  • Topography
  • 3D
  • Overhead views

We also use dronesto analyse gases emitted by petrochemical plant flares.


Work anywhere in the country: Our drone partner has a network of pilots covering the whole of France.
Relevant documentation: After our mission is completed, we submit a documented report with optimised deliverables to prepare the future maintenance work required to repair the detected leaks.
Full safety and optimised costs: A drone enables a high-quality inspection over a very wide area, which can be difficult, costly or hazardous to access.


Clarifications on drone use:

In France, the civil aviation authority (DGAC) regulations on the use of airspace by unmanned craft clearly set out:

  • The obligations of the manufacturer depending on the drone category, the nature of the intended activity and the mission scenario
  • Pilot qualifications
  • The specific Quality and Safety system implemented by the operator, described in its Specific Activity Manual (MAP)
  • The Declaration of levels of qualification submitted to the DGAC.

With the expertise of our inspectors and a team of drone pilots operating a wide and diverse fleet of drones, we can rapidly carry out inspection work across the whole country.