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E&P, Refining & Petrochemicals

Bureau Veritas works with industrial players on their strategic approach to health, safety, environmental and economic issues. 

Missions across the whole Petroleum sector

The Oil and Gas sector plays a key role in the global economy. It must meet the majority of energy needs for every country, supply speciality chemical industries (plastics, pharmaceutical, etc.), and ensure the mobility of people and goods essential to economic activity.
While constantly improving productivity, each company is responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of its personnel, installations and the surrounding environment.

For Upstream activities:
• Offshore oil & gas exploration and production (Oil platforms, FPU, FPSO, FLNG, etc.)
• Onshore oil & gas exploration and production
• Storage
• Transport

For Downstream activities:
• Petroleum product refining
• Refined product distribution
• Base petrochemicals (steamcrackers, olefins and aromatics) and derivatives (polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene)
• Storage
• Transport

Fugitive and diffuse emissions

Bureau Veritas delivers a wide range of services to the petroleum industry, assisting operators in reducing the environmental effect of their activities while raising the productivity of industrial plants.

Testing for and reducing fugitive VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds)

In production plants, valves and flanges are exposed to harsh operating conditions and inevitably suffer from ageing. Seals deteriorate over time and generate leaks, which may turn out to be very costly and hazardous in terms of safety (creating an ATEX zone) or health (CMR products).
The eradication of external leaks increases plant productivity and improves safety, while minimising the impacts on health and the environment. Our missions also ensure you are fully compliant with all regulations.

Testing for and reducing leaks on Utility networks

Our diagnostics can considerably reduce fluid losses (compressed air, steam, natural gas, nitrogen, etc.) and have a considerably beneficial impact on your energy expenditure.

Diagnosis of internal leaks and flare inspections

For industrial plants, reducing internal leaks on process networks or torching networks represents a key issue in terms of health, the environment and the economy.

Testing for surface and channelled VOC emissions

Measuring the efficiency of your VOC treatment facilities (e.g VRU or API separator tank) ensures that your equipment is functioning correctly or to confirm your compliance with emissions control regulations.