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Leak detection on steam pipes and traps (H2O)

Bureau Veritas can provide the industry with tests for steam leaks and trap diagnostics.

Reducing steam losses

Steam is often used on industrial plants as its physical properties are well-suited to heat transfer. It is used as a heat transfer fluid or directly in manufacturing processes.
Steam generated by boilers is distributed to production units along pipelines fitted with valves and condensate traps.
The severe operational conditions suffered by the valves and traps will inevitably lead to steam leaks or malfunctions.
These failures generate direct costs (energy losses) and indirect costs (lower efficiency of production process). Therefore, their detection and repair provide extensive financial benefits.

Testing for steam leaks and conducting trap diagnostics requires a combination of analysis technologies to see the exact operational situation of each trap, and therefore requires multiple skills in areas such as acoustics and thermography, while fully understanding the production process.

Expertise in fugitive H2O emissions

A 2007 study by CEREN* showed that “‘trap’ knowledge had decreased considerably in industry over the past decades. Equipment types and makes are varied. Due to a lack of specific expertise, engineering or maintenance providers have not always made the best technology choices for this equipment. Moreover, trap manufacturers cannot demonstrate the impartiality of a third-party independent inspection body.”

Bureau Veritas boasts extensive experience in steam pipeline diagnostics. We have observed that on average, 15% of steam pipeline traps exhibit malfunctions. A steam leak on a valve packing can generate a loss of tens of kg per hour. Plugging a single leak or repairing a single malfunctioning trap can save you €1000 a year. For precise and objective assessment of your steam networks, ensure your facilities are inspected by an independent third-party expert.

Bureau Veritas proposes an optimised, software-assisted method which produces reliable and professional testing to reduce steam losses on valves and diagnostics of trap operation.

*Ceren (Centre d’études et de recherches économiques sur l’énergie) provides statistics on energy demand and market trends.