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Storage, Containers, Tanks

Bureau Veritas delivers an array of services to storage industry.

To limit potential causes of accidents, reduce the environmental impact and conserve the integrity of assets, Bureau Veritas proposes an array of services to storage facility operators, whatever the tank technology used (fixed or floating roof, spheres, etc.), enabling testing for all emission types and reductions in external and internal leaks.

For example:

Leak detection approach to storage facilities:

A rapid, effective detection method for all types of leak. It optimises maintenance requirements and reduces ground pollution as well as VOC emissions.
Hydrocarbon leaks may originate in the structure of the tank or pipes and systems located nearby.

The use of high-performance detection techniques using a specific IR camera enables fully safe, remote viewing, and recording of leak faults in the tank walls or feet, or floating roof seals.

Supplementary one-off measurements can also be taken if necessary, using our FID or PID type VOC analysers to quantify emissions.

Data concerning locations, concentrations, photos, videos, etc. are uploaded to databases in real time. This enables us to monitor maintenance work extremely effectively.

“In a backdrop of increasing storage capacity, ageing equipment and ever-stricter regulations, storage facility operators must rise to multiple challenges in terms of health, safety and the environment.”


Testing for and reducing fugitive VOC emissions (leaks of Volatile Organic Compounds)

In pumping stations, valves, flanges, actuators, pumps and compressors inevitably suffer ageing. Seals deteriorate over time and generate leaks, which may turn out to be very costly and hazardous in terms of safety (potential creation of ATEX zone due to flammable product leak) or health (CMR products).

The eradication of external leaks limits product losses and improves safety, while minimising the impacts on health and the environment. Our missions also ensure you are fully compliant with all regulations. This service also applies to Cylinder Filling plants.

Testing for and reducing leaks on utility networks

Our diagnostics can considerably reduce fluid losses (compressed air, nitrogen, gas, etc.) and have a significantly beneficial impact on your energy expenditure.

Diagnosis of internal leaks

For certain plants, reducing internal leaks on valves and actuators represents a key issue in terms of health, the environment and the economy.