plant night gas emission

Measuring channeled emissions

Measuring the efficiency of your VOC treatment facilities.

Equipment operation checks

(e.g VRU) ensures that your equipment is functioning correctly or validates your full compliance with emissions control regulations.

Bureau Veritas boasts extensive experience and a wide array of technologies dedicated to measuring channelled emissions. We can certify any VOC treatment or elimination systems.

Examples of channelled emissions tests

On a VRU (vapour recovery unit) our performance tests provide precise information on the efficiency of your production facility.

If your biological stations are covered, we can carefully analyse the emissions of your treatment systems to reveal their level of effectiveness.
Note: if they are not covered, we use different methods and technologies suited to each configuration to measure its emissions.

We can measure channelled emissions in a variety of situations.
Such as:

  • vents downstream of safety valves on gas compression or distribution stations
  • vents on LNG tanks and storage tanks.
  • etc.
  • The technologies we use mean we can be more flexible and rapid for measurements required for declarations.