bv man commissioning

Commissioning assistance

Ensure the quality and performance of new systems delivered and commissioned.

Integrate new industrial equipment in full safety

For industrial equipment installed on process or utility networks, the probability of leaks occurring on valves, unions, drains, pumps, or compressors is high. The different types of seals used (flat seals or O-rings, cable glands, mechanical seals, etc.) often leak when they are first installed for many reasons, including incorrect assembly or tightening. 
When commissioning an installation, we use a variety of methods and technologies to ensure zero leaks, depending on the specific nature of the networks to inspect and their environment. 

For example, tests can be carried out using compressed air, nitrogen, or other trace gases (hydrogen, helium, etc.). Detection methods include ultrasound sensors, optical imaging, and thermal conductivity. 

Installation commissioning inspection

Commissioning enables us to guarantee that our customer receives the required performance, quality and compliance of the equipment delivered by manufacturers. They are often assisted from design through to commissioning by independent experts, who have the role of ensuring specifications are applied and validating that the installation operates correctly at the time of commissioning.

In the leak detection field, the expertise of Bureau Veritas teams contributes to ensuring that equipment is of the required quality.

Our services apply to all types of installations, such as: 

  • new or revamped petrochemical unit 
  • biogas digestion units, biogas plants 
  • biogas networks on landfills 
  • refrigeration equipment
  • gas expansion stations, delivery stations, 
  • gas compression stations 
  • gas treatment units. 

We also do acceptance testing for all types of automated production line controlled by compressed air, such as pharmaceutical packaging lines, agri-food or automotive / aviation equipment manufacture, as well as many other applications.